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What service styles does Smart Cater have for Office Lunch Catering in Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan?

Smart Cater is your one-stop-shop for office lunch catering in Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and the GTA, providing a wide-range of cuisine types and service styles. This includes a variety of hot lunch buffets, sandwich platters and combos to fit every office need, from a small work lunch, to a large lunchtime event. If you are looking for lighter fare, or a unique addition to your catered lunch, you can also add a variety of delicious finger foods such as kebabs, potato skins, dumplings, oysters, samosas, sushi, pastries or more! More traditional snacks are also available including trays of fresh cut veggies or fruit, an antipasto platter or a gourmet cheese board. Each of our catering options additionally comes with the option to add assorted cold beverages, coffee service and sweet finishes such as a dessert tray. Our online system makes it easy to shop through available options from the best restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area. Simply identify the type of cuisine and catering option you are interested in, then add items to your virtual shopping cart and pay for the final order to book your catering service.


What food options does Smart Cater have available for office lunch catering in the Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Markham areas?

Smart Cater offers a variety of food options to suit the needs of any office lunch in Markham, Richmond Hill or Vaughan. Our wide variety of available cuisines can help you find an option to suit any event type or dietary restriction. In general, our meal options include hearty, multicultural fare, spanning a wide range of cuisine and service types. Some of the available cuisines include Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Turkish or an international buffet that offers a little bit of everything. These options range in terms of hot buffet offerings, platters of sandwiches or wraps, gourmet salads, or noodle dishes and an assortment of delicious sides. For example, try a delicious hot Indian buffet, featuring a variety of curries, jasmine rice, and samosas. Or you may be interested in an Asian noodle lunch, featuring fresh vegetables, an assortment or sauces, and delicious stir-fried protein. Whatever your tastes, Smart Cater can help make your next office lunch a delicious and memorable experience for you and your staff.


Does Smart Cater have any office catering options for lighter lunches?

If you are looking for a lighter lunch or a healthier option for you and your team, there are a variety of catering options for Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan. Some excellent options include a panini sandwich combo that comes with a delicious side of mixed greens, macaroni or potato salad, or coleslaw. There is also a wide array of available sandwich and salad combinations, featuring house garden greens or a pasta salad. Finally, an excellent option for a lighter lunch that meets a range of dietary restrictions is the salad buffet bar. Of course, there are many additional options and combinations that can be found through the Smart Cater website to fit your specific catering needs. All of our catering options offer vegetarian customizations and healthier options to ensure that you and your team are able to eat a hearty, delicious and healthy lunch.


Does Smart Cater have any special office lunch catering services?

Smart Cater is here to help with every component of your lunchtime event. Depending on your specific needs, Smart Cater can help you locate and book a venue in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as identify entertainment for the event. This may include a band, comedian, magician or other musical performance to help make your lunchtime event unforgettable. Our experienced team can also work with you to decide what menu items are appropriate for your event and identify the quantity and diversity of food you require. Our services can extend to include providing staffing at your event to ensure the catered service is smooth and enjoyable. We are experienced event organizers and are always happy to help, whether you are organizing your weekly work lunch, a once-in-a-lifetime event, a workplace reunion or an office party. Our team is knowledgeable in our diverse array of available options and can help work with you to determine what catering services and additional extras will help make your event a success.


How do I coordinate catering for an office lunch with Smart Cater?

            Smart Cater has an efficient online system to help you shop for available catering options. Through our easy to use online interface, you can start your catering service by adding a main option from one of our many available starting packages. From here, you can customize your service and food items by adding items to your cart such as beverages, desserts, extra food items, or snacks. Each of these items will be added to your main shopping cart, allowing you to keep track of your catering order and ensure you order enough food. To finish your order, you can then pay through our secure, easy-to-use online system, adding in any specific requests you will require for your office lunch. We can organize delivery and set-up for any of our options for office lunch catering in Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and surrounding areas. Our team partners with the best local restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area to ensure you receive the most delicious and fresh food these cities have to offer!


Whether you are looking to plan an office event from scratch or are looking for catering to enhance your next lunchtime meeting, Smart Cater is here to help. You can order your full office lunch spread online now, or request a quote through our online system if you are interested in more information. If you have any additional questions, contact our expert and friendly team at 416-909-0509 to learn more about our menu options and how we can be of service for your next office event.



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