Vietnamese/Chinese Boxes

$11 Per Person

Hours Available

11 AM - 5 PM

Minimum Order

$ 200.00

Delivery Fee

$ 15.00

Minimum Lead Time

48 Hours

Vietnamese / Chinese Boxes

Quantity Qty

Lunch Box Combo

1 Box Per Person,
Each Box Comes with 2 Entrees, Side and Rice,
Choice of Entrees:

Entree Choices:
Lemon Grass Chicken
BBQ Grilled Chicken
Chicken and Black Mushrooms
Beef with Mixed Veggies
Beef Curry
Tofu in Garlic Sauce

Savoury Pork Spring Roll
Vegetarian Cabbage, Carrots & Taro Spring Roll
Shrimp Summer Roll (Gluten Free)
Tofu Summer Roll ( Gluten Free)

$15.00 per box

Add Ons

Quantity Qty

Bottled Water

500 ml

$1.50 per bottle

Assorted Pop

330 ml

$1.50 per can


300 ml

$1.50 per bottle

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Served with House Made Plum Sauce

$20.00 Per Dozen

Cookies and Dessert platter

$2.25 per person

Fresh cut fruits platter

$2.25 per person

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