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At Smart Cater, we have a whole new take on executive catering. So if you’re shopping around for a new approach to office catering in Toronto and the GTA, it’s time to look at Smart Cater. The executive luncheon is one of the best opportunities to engage with clients and staff – and the more impressive the menu – the better!

Smart Cater is uniquely different – we offer you an online marketplace where you can place a food order from a variety of caterers and restaurants. We pair you up with the very best local providers from across the Greater Toronto Area. In fact, we can even offer on-site preparation and for either buffet or formal sit-down.

For a new take on office catering in Toronto and the GTA, Smart Cater makes it easy, convenient, and cost effective. We service areas across the GTA including Markham, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Vaughan, Brampton, Scarborough, and more. 

Plan Your Next Executive Luncheon and Office Catering with Smart Cater in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, North York & the Greater Toronto Area

How it works?

  1.  You search for a local caterer of your choice
  2.  Choose a menu that suits your luncheon
  3.  Fill up your virtual shopping cart.
  4.  When you’ve paid for your order, have it picked up, or have it delivered to your office/venue.

Popular menu items for corporate luncheons

With a little creativity and inventiveness, you can create a great impression on potential clients and business associates. From antipasto platters, to gourmet cheese boards, to fresh-cut fruits and veggies, you’ll be able to satisfy everyone’s needs with something that satisfies.

Smart Cater offers a new approach to office catering in Toronto and the GTA, with a wide range of sandwiches, sandwich combos, sandwich platters, hot lunches, and many platters and boards.

Sandwich Combos

Choose from a selection of sandwiches and wraps, with everything from grilled chicken, to vegetables, to smoked turkey, to tuna salad. A variety of side dishes are also available.

Sandwich Platters

Deli and gourmet sandwich platters are custom-prepared to suit your specific event and your budget. Special emphasis is placed on presentation and preparation to satisfy everyone.

Hot Lunch Buffet

The hot lunch buffet is delivered direct and ready to serve. This is an all-inclusive hot menu, with suitable options for protein and veggies, and with salad options to complete the spread.

Smart Cater offers a huge assortment of restaurant options

If you’re looking for a whole new approach to office catering in Toronto and the GTA, Smart Cater has the restaurant options to suit everyone’s taste and everyone’s diet. You can choose from the most comprehensive menus available, including Thai, Asian, Greek, Indian, and Italian.

Indian Wraps and Rolls

Menu combinations include chicken bhunna roll, chana masala roll, paneer tikka roll, veggie medley roll, and an assortment of spicy and marinated dishes. The house garden salad includes cucumbers, tomato, iceberg lettuce, and mint chutney.

Asian Noodle/Rice Combo

Build your own combination. First, choose the noodles (egg noodles, whole wheat noodles, rice noodles, or jasmine rice). Next, choose the protein (chicken, steak, pork, shrimp, or tofu). Finally, choose the vegetables (mushrooms, broccoli, or cashews).

Italian Pasta Meal

Italian pasta dishes come with traditional Caesar salad and garlic bread. Choose from a range of pasta options - Spinach Ravioli; Vegetarian Parmigiano; Gnocchi with Pesto; Lasagna Bolognese; Penne alla Arrabbiata; Penne Amatriciana; and much more.

Urban Thai Food

Thai meal combos are designed to feed 25, 50, or 100 guests. Order to suit your crowd:  veggie spring rolls/veggie samosas; choice of salads; basil chicken/basil beef; vegetarian curry; devilled fish/devilled chicken; and chicken fried rice/beef fried rice.

Vietnamese Combo

Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich combinations can be ordered according to the number of guests. Each Banh Mi comes with a protein of choice, pickled carrots, cilantro, cucumber, and mayo. The garden greens salad comes with tomatoes and crispy onions.

Greek Breakfast

For a different kind of breakfast, the healthy Greek breakfast is a unique departure. Comes with breakfast eggs mixed with fresh herbs; Middle Eastern chopped salad; generous portions of hummus, pickled vegetables, and Greek pita (with tzatziki).

For office catering in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area – choose Smart Cater

Smart Cater is a one-stop solution for all your catering needs. We simplify the catering process, whether you’re doing a working lunch, a business meeting, or even a corporate barbecue. With easy access to our user-friendly website, you’ll save time and money on every event.

If you’re coordinating a larger event, or require more complex office catering in Toronto and the GTA, we can take the stress out of the planning process. Our people can help you with everything from the menu, to wine choices, to rental equipment, to hiring employees and staff.

With Smart Cater, you can order your office catering from more than one restaurant or caterer – mainly because you can do everything under one roof. Choose your caterer – order your menu – and have everything delivered to your door. It’s easy, convenient and money saving.

If you want to explore a whole new approach to office catering in Toronto and the GTA, find out more about Smart Cater by visiting our company website at https://www.smartcater.ca/about . We Serve Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Vaughan, Brampton, Scarborough, and more. 

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